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Online Quran Academy (Al-Madnia) | Tajweed & Islamic Knowledge

Our program is available to individuals of all ages, from children to old people, without any distinction. Our courses to learn Holy Quran with Tajweed and basic teaching of Islam usually take 3 to 6 months. But it mostly depends on the student’s interest and capability.

We offer following courses:

Nazra-e-Quran with Rules of Tajweed

Nazra is to read the Holy Quran verbally, without translation and Tajweed mean to pronounce Holy Quran with correct pronunciation .

`In our courses we will cover.

  • Musta’liyah Letters: ( حروف مستعالیہ) {letters which pronounced thicker voice}
  • Harakāt : (حرکات) { Fatah, Kasrah, Damah .فتحہ، کسرہ، ضمّہ}
  • Tanwīn : (تنوین) { Fatahtain, Kasrahtain, Damahtain .فتحتین، کسرتین، ضمّتین}
  • The Letters of Maddaĥ: (حروف مدہ)
  • Vertical Harakāt : (اشباعی حرکات) { Ashbai Fatah, Asbahi Kasrah, Ashbai Damah • .اشباعی فتحہ، اشباعی کسرہ، اشباعی ضمّہ
  • The Letters of Līn : (حروف لین) {Letters which pronounced softly}
  • Sukūn (Jazm) : (جزم)
  • Tashdīd : (تشدید)
  • Izĥār, Ikhfā, Idgham, Iqlab : (اظہار، اخفا، ادغام، اقلاب)
  • Gunnah Rules (غنہ): nasalization
  • Idgham-e-Shafawi ،Ikhfa-e-Shafawi ،Izhar-e-Shafawi:
  • Tafkhīm and Tarqīq : (تفخیم و ترقیق)
  • Maddāt Types :
  • Muqatta’āt Letters : (حروف مقطعات)
  • Extra Alif : (زائد الف) {Alif which do not pronounced}
  • Waqf [Pause] Rules: (وقف)



Memorization of Holy Quran (Hifz)

Hifz (حفظ) is to memorize the Holy Quran by Heart, We have Qualified Hufaz and Scholars who will help the student to Hifz the Holy Quran

  • Complete Holy Quran
  • Last 20 Surah + Famous Surah like Surah Yasin, Surah Ar-Rehman, Surah e Mulk etc.
  • Last Para of Holy Quran
  • Custom plan of your desire

Basic Teaching of Islam & Supplications

To be a Muslim we must know what are our basic beliefs, Pillars of Islam, Masnoon Supplication etc.

  • Training of five time Salah (Azaan, Name and timings of Salah, Memorization of Salah , Method of Salah, Fard, Wajib, Sunnat and Nafal payers).
  • Method of Jumuah, Funeral and Eid Prayers.
  • Taharah (Purification), Wudhu , Ghusal/Shower.
  • Memorization of Six Kalemas, Imaan-e-Mufassil & Mujmal , Ayah-tul-Kursi , Dua-e-Qunoot, various masnoon Duas (Supplications)
  • Basic Aqaa’id (Allah, Angels, Holy books, Holy prophets, Qiyamah, Jannat, Jahannam).
  • Islamic History, Sunnah, Manners, Islamic months, Fasting , Halal & Haram etc.

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