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It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to the Online Quran Academy (Al-Madina), a premier institute of Islamic education established in 2013. It is an Islamic institute with an aim to impart high quality Islamic knowledge in students with affordable fee structure.

The basic theme behind this Quran Academy is to provide a forum of learning Quran with tajweed for kids, adults and elder people, as it is the demand of the Muslim community living anywhere in the world. Our aim is to enable the learner, read and recite the Holy Quran with accurate pronunciation (with full concept of tajweed and tarteel).







Learn Online Holy Quran with Tajweed/Tarteel and Teaching of Islam with us.

We aim at providing the basic awareness about the teaching of Islam especially to facilitate those people who don’t have direct access to Muslim scholars or Islamic centers. We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning Quran and basic Islamic education. And we make one to one class and via Skype/ hangout by screen sharing. We provide 3 days trail classes to give better know-how of our services.

Online courses offer the flexibility of learning anywhere, and anytime, Online courses can work for any student, just as a physical, onsite classroom with face-to-face instruction can work for any student, it gives the opportunity to student to learn independently with convenience and an adjustable schedule. Our tutors are hardworking individuals of high caliber who know well how to keep on going easily with a student in a friendly environment to produce best results


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Nazra is to read the Holy Quran verbally, without translation and Tajweed mean to pronounce Holy Quran with correct pronunciation

We have prepared enough context of tajweed rules which enable our student to learn Tajweed rules very quickly and more clearly. we have prepared lessons to accomplish this.

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  • Complete Holy Quran
  • Last 20 Surah + Famous Surah like Surah Yasin, Surah Ar-Rehman, Surah e Mulk etc.
  • Last Para of Holy Quran
  • Custom plan of your desire
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  • Training of five time Salah (Azaan, Name and timings of Salah, Memorization of Salah , Method of Salah, Fard, Wajib, Sunnat and Nafal payers).
  • Method of Jumuah, Funeral and Eid Prayers.
  • Taharah (Purification), Wudhu , Ghusal/Shower.
  • Memorization of Six Kalemas, Imaan-e-Mufassil & Mujmal , Ayah-tul-Kursi , Dua-e-Qunoot, various masnoon Duas (Supplications)
  • Basic Aqaa’id (Allah, Angels, Holy books, Holy prophets, Qiyamah, Jannat, Jahannam).
  • Islamic History, Sunnah, Manners, Islamic months, Fasting , Halal & Haram etc.
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We’re Here To Help You and Your Kids to Learn Online

Holy Quran With Tajweed/Tarteel and Teaching of Islam


Holy Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

If Allah intends goodness for someone, he gives him understanding of the religion.

Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 71

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Online Quran Academy Al-Madina Directors are very responsible, they take special measures to manage well Online Quran Classes, they first train well Online Quran Classes teachers and have look on daily Quran Lessons delivered by them

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