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Salam! Here are Frequently Asked Question regarding Online Quran Classes, Tajweed, Quran Teachers, etc.

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Who is Quran Teacher2020-08-27T10:42:36+00:00

Teachers of Online Quran Academy – Al Madina are highly Qualified and have strong knowledge of Tajweed Rules, Our Quran teacher are those who has done Hifz (Memorized Holy Quran) and Aalim (Scholars of Islam). They are very skillful, and have better know how to take Online Quran Classes. Our Quran Academy is consists of Both Male and Female Quran Teachers. Female Quran Teachers provide their services for Islamic Sisters and Kids. We provide safe and confident environment for Online Classes of Tajweed, Quran Recitation, and Islamic Knowledge.

When to Pay the Quran Classes Fees2020-08-26T12:18:31+00:00

Online Quran Academy – Al Madina offers three days trail service to its students, so they can understand how actually Online Quran Classes work, what courses we teach in Quran Classes, etc. after three days Trail of Quran classes Student need to pay the fees. If student wants to discontinue then we will payback the left fees according to the calculation of taken classes.

Registration Method for Online Quran Classes2020-08-27T10:55:01+00:00

To get Register with Online Holy Quran – Al Madina, you just need to fill in the Registration Form for Quran Classes or Contact Us : WhatsApp/IMO: +92333-8621684. There are no Registration Fees and We provide 3 days Trail classes of Tajweed, Quran and Islamic Knowledge, which help you know, how actually Online Quran Classes are proceeding and what Quran courses we are teaching.


How Quran Teacher Take Classes2020-08-26T12:25:32+00:00

Quran Teachers are highly qualified and experienced to take online Quran Classes, We make classes via Skype or Zoom by screen sharing, Quran Classes is One to One, Where one Quran Teacher teach one Student. Quran Teacher teaches the students according to his/her level and understanding. We have Female Quran Teachers for Female Student.

How Online Quran Classes Work2020-08-27T04:42:50+00:00

We make Online Quran Classes of Tajwed and Islamic knowledge via Skype or Zoom, We share the screen with students while making Quran Class, In Sharing Screen we highlight the words or line, so student easily can get the words and understand. Online Quran Classes is same as live classes. Online Quran Academy – Al Madina offer One to One classes and Quran Teacher teach the student according to His/Her level. In One to One Quran Classes Student feel confident, relax and friendly, which lead to improve his learning ability.

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